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Expert Carpet Cleaner’s Guide to Carpet Care

Mar 28, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, General Cleaning Tips

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Although you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of keeping your carpet in good shape, the truth is that giving your carpet a little TLC may be a lot easier than you think. Fortunately, you have the professional carpet cleaners at Revive Chem-Dry to turn to.

Our professional carpet cleaners can answer your questions and give your carpet the deep clean it needs on a regular basis. With our support, you can:

  • Lift away dirt and grime hidden deep within carpet fibers
  • Remove stains effectively
  • Avoid damaging delicate fibers
  • Prevent your carpet from re-soiling quickly

Proper care is absolutely essential for preserving the beauty of your carpet and extending the time you and your family can enjoy it. Thorough carpet care will keep your home looking great and make your living space healthier and more comfortable. It’s also worth pointing out that caring for your carpet can prevent you from having to invest in a new carpet sooner than you’d like. 

4 Tips From Our Carpet Cleaning Pros

The secret to maintaining your carpet’s beauty and comfortable texture is developing a routine and sticking to it. Only through consistent carpet care can you prevent dust and other particles from becoming compacted in your carpet’s fibers. 

Wondering what you should include in your routine? Review the following four tips from our carpet cleaners and consider implementing them into your normal cleaning process.

Tip #1: Vacuum Frequently  

Don’t wait to vacuum until your carpet is visibly dirty or showing traffic patterns. Instead, vacuum regularly to keep these telltale signs from ever appearing. This will also ensure that dirt doesn’t get trapped deep in your carpet where it is difficult to remove on your own.

Tip #2: Promptly Deal With Stains

Do your best to avoid allowing stains to set on your carpet. Instead, absorb any excess pigment with a white cloth by carefully dabbing the affected area. Then, call in a professional carpet cleaner who can remove the stain without spreading it to the surrounding carpet fibers.

Tip #3: Keep Dirt From Entering Your Home

Having a “no shoes in the house” policy is a simple yet effective way to limit the amount of dirt and contaminates your carpet is exposed to in the first place. If you’re having trouble making this policy stick, at the very least use doormats both inside and outside your home to limit the amount of dirt from being tracked inside.

Tip #4: Reach Out to Our Professional Carpet Cleaners

Every six months to a year, your carpets need to be deep cleaned by a professional. When you call Revive Chem-Dry, you can have your carpets carefully cleaned without excess water or harsh chemicals, meaning they’ll be quick to dry. 

Our expert carpet cleaners work with a cleaning solution that is based on nature’s chemistry rather than harsh, soapy detergents that leave behind a dirt-attracting residue. As a result, we won’t just get your carpet cleaner than before. We’ll also help it stay cleaner for longer, making your carpet care routine that much easier.

Are you ready to learn more about promoting the beauty and lifespan of your carpet from the experienced carpet cleaners at Revive Chem-Dry? Call (587) 210-2125 today or schedule an appointment online.